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Magic house setup
powell hall

 Jazz at the BistroLee Buckalew and Paul Hennerich were tuning up the Bistro's sound system  for the August David Sanborn concert and the upcoming season. 

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Jazz Saint Louis educational director Phil Dunlap just confirmed his project with the Pan Galactic Company. The project is tracking two new tunes in the style of Count Basie, to introduce young people to the sound and structure of big band jazz from the first half of the last century. view from above

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Chet Atkins and Bill PorteraltBill Porter 1931-2010

 Bill Porter passed away on July 7th 2010.  He was a great engineer, and mentor to many engineers.  I met him during his time as an adjunct faculty member at  Webster University in the late 1990s and early 2000s.   I have a "mix" CD, he gave me after many long discussions about mixing, and how messed up the  recording become in the "process" after the master leaves your hands.  Just one of the many things I learned in our weekly chats.  I hadn't spoken will him in many years, but the loss I feel today is profound.  We all here at the Pan Galactic Company morn his passing.  Godspeed Bill, and say "Hi" to Chet, Roy, Elvis for us all.  Here is a link to his Wiki entry, it seems quite accurate as of this posting.  Bill Porter (sound_engineer)

 -Paul Hennerich

Lee Buckalew (PAN GALACTIC), Ron Klemm (KFUO), Adam Crane (SLSO), Paul Hennerich (PAN GALACTIC)

The SLSO Live Saturday Night Broadcast Crew for the 2009/2010 Season


The work of the Pan Galactic Company could often be heard on Classic 99 FM KFUO over the last 15 years. We enjoyed the support, the creativity and the friendship of all the staff at KFUO in all of our joint endeavors. We would be hard pressed to find a more friendly arts station. Programs may find a new home, classical music will continue, but their passion for all disciplines of the arts in the Saint Louis region will be hard to replace.

Ron Klem and Guests at an SLSO IntermissionPan Galactic had close ties with the station, working on many special broadcasts such as the annual Christmas Candlelight Concerts from the Bach Society of Saint Louis, the Bach at the Sem series, and the live Saturday night broadcasts of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. These were just a few of the many series and specials as well as numerous CD releases on the KFUO playlist on which the Pan Galactic Company collaborated with our friends.

You all will be missed.

 From all of us at the Pan Galactic Company,

Thank you.

UPDATE!   Classic 99 lives! never stopped streaming to the world on the internet.  Scaled back and run mostly as a driod station, the station continues with familiar voices and programings.